For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a hitchhiker’s guide, or who do not understand sarcasm, the primary purpose of this website is humor or parody. While the information here can and should be informative, it should also be taken with a rather large grain of salt.

    Should you find anything in this guide that you disagree with or in fact know to be false, please do remember the golden rule first laid out in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “The Guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.”


Reporters come in only two types. The first is a naive idealist who refuses to believe or acknowledge that there are any flaws in the institution of reporting the news. They are often shocked to find out that the news organization that employs them is actually a business, as they do not understand the very concept of money. Once these reporters discover that there is such a thing as money, they quickly jump to the world of public relations or government where they feel they can both do good and earn money.

The second type of reporter is the hard-nosed, work-aholic, curmudgeon-y type. These reporters are not suited for government work or public relations and they tend to shun the idea of making money, preferring instead to conduct all business with loose change, cigarettes and scotch they lifted from a hotel minibar. Eventually, this type of reporter will gain some ambition and accept a position as an editor or producer.


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