For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a hitchhiker’s guide, or who do not understand sarcasm, the primary purpose of this website is humor or parody. While the information here can and should be informative, it should also be taken with a rather large grain of salt.

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Traditionally, one of the roles of an editor in journalism has been to serve as a gatekeeper. The idea being that there is misinformation, fakery and gossip standing at the gates just waiting to infiltrate the newsroom and thereby pollute the larger society. Prior to the Internet, the gatekeepers were grizzled veteran editors who did… read more »


In the 21st century, journalism is often defined by what it isn’t, rather than what it is. This is, sadly, the case for many professions that are not widely esteemed by the general public. Journalism is further complicated by the fact that there are more breeds and types of it than living creatures in a… read more »


Reporters come in only two types. The first is a naive idealist who refuses to believe or acknowledge that there are any flaws in the institution of reporting the news. They are often shocked to find out that the news organization that employs them is actually a business, as they do not understand the very… read more »

The Press

Not to be confused with an actual printing press, the phrase “The Press” refers to reporters, editors and other journalists who report the news. Those who like to occupy their days disparaging “the media” probably intend to be disparaging “the press” but lack the historical context and vocabulary to disparage the proper group. The press… read more »


In print journalism, the “lede” is the first paragraph of a story. The word itself is a rather new word, first making an appearance in the 50s as some sort of instruction to printers. It was most likely intentionally misspelled so as to set it apart from those pesky actual words in the text of… read more »


In the beginning-ish, when Neanderthals first began drawing animals on the walls of caves, they were in some small measure creating the first works of journalism. They went out of the caves with their clubs, faced a treacherous world, brought home dinner, created fire and returned to their caves to report their findings to those… read more »