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Howard Dean

It is believed in many political circles that the world owes Howard Dean a tremendous apology.

Howard Dean, a democrat, campaigned for the presidency in 2004, back when the world still made a bit of sense, and when getting too excited and losing one’s composure for a brief moment was enough to derail an entire political career. Ah, the good old days…

This type of self-induced political defeat is exactly what befall Howard Dean when he gave an impassioned speech about where his campaign would be winning next, and ended his run down of states with a hearty “Yaaaaaaaaah!”

This was the scream heard ’round the world, as it made Dean appear to have gone absolutely mad. Seeing that a politician had lost his mind, the Democratic National Committee realized he was the perfect man to lead their party, even if he couldn’t do it from the White House, so he got a nice desk job.

After all of his efforts as DNC chair to get Barack Obama elected president, he did not receive the expected cabinet post or advisory appointment, and was thus kept out of the White House once more by his own party. Dean was last seen feverishly buying up tickets on the White House public tour, just so he could “see what it might have been like.”

Video: The Dean Scream

Photo by Drama Queen

Photo by Center for American Progress


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