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Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education in the United States. This, of course, means she has been placed in charge of the department that runs the public education system. This is particularly ironic considering the fact that Ms. DeVos may not actually believe in public education.

Throughout her career she has been an advocate of school choice, school vouchers, charter schools, and private schooling. All of these are essentially ways to either allow students and parents to skirt the public education system or avoid it entirely.

As for Devos’ own education, she attended a private high school and a private college. Oddly enough, at that private college she somehow earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics. While Business Economics may not be viewed as an art, there is a certain amount of artistic ingenuity required to believe — as republicans often do — that if one gives more money to the wealthy, they will give it to the middle and lower classes and not simply run off and spend the money on a new yacht or a third vacation home.

DeVos is one of several of Donald Trump’s cabinet appointees who is in charge of a wing of the executive branch that the appointee actively fought against. Time will tell if this strategy of appointing cabinet members to departments they despised resulted in a smaller federal government or a more ridiculous and less efficient federal government.

Time and test scores will tell if Betsy DeVos is an effective education czar.

Photo by Michael Vadon


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