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Bob Corker

Bob Corker is a soon-to-be-former United States Senator who despite his ten-year Senate career is best known for his recent verbal sparring sessions with Donald Trump. Initially, he referred to the White House as an adult daycare center, which predictably provoked a Twitter tantrum from the toddler-in-chief, who does not like attention being drawn to his small hands and character.

Trump has repeatedly referred to Corker as “Liddle,” much to the chagrin of grammar teachers everywhere. Trump has also accused Corker of everything from aiding and abetting Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal to somehow causing the Backstreet Boys reunion.

Corker was at one time an ardent supporter of Trump, who like most republicans near the end of 2016, removed their spines in exchange for a ticket on the Trump train. Corker, who has since become one of about three republicans in Congress to reclaim his spine, now says he would not support Trump if he had it to do over again.

This deep sense of regret disqualified him from Congressional service, which is the primary reason he is leaving the hallowed halls of the Capitol. His seat will likely be filled with a man-child wearing a red hat who believes the moon landing to be fraudulent.

Photo by DonkeyHotey


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